13 Years Later


short film

13 Years Later is an a/v collaboration between Blevin Blectum on the music and myself on the video. It was made for Estuary Ltd.'s 2018 compilation 100% Synthetic, a DVD of audiovisual pieces generated, as one might guess, by entirely synthetic means.

While making the video I tried to emulate some of the delightfully cyborgian energy found in Blevin Blectum's music, which often calls to mind some intricate hybrid of organism and machine. In keeping with the synthetic theme, I started with software for animating Turing patterns - recursive processes generating textures that might be reminiscent of naturally occurring phenomena like fish dots or tiger stripes. To bring in the more explicitly machinic side, I began to push and pull these pattern generators with automated rhythms, an approach that imparted geometric structure as well as strobing intensity to complement Blevin Blectum's music.