G'd(w)n's castle


digital liquid light visuals

G'd(w)n's castle is a generative video system I've been working on for several years. I wanted a live video instrument that could be performed alongside music, and the liquid light shows of the '60s and '70s provided a compelling analog model. I ended up implementing it digitally through feedback networks of image processing (very little 3D: almost everything comes from recursive 2D images) and while the textures are often liquid-like psychedelic blobs I've also extended some of the visual language with more tranditionally digital processes. (This liquid-like effect is a staple of video feedback and has a long history - artists like Yoshi Sodeoka, Sabrina Ratté, and Andrew Benson utilize it in interesting ways, to name a few contemporary examples, and a search for reaction-diffusion videos will turn up a lot of implementations for those who might be interested.)

G'd(w)n's castle was intended for use as a live video instrument, and though I'll sometimes play it live with my own music it's more fun and challenging to perform with other musicians. Over the past couple of years I've been fortunate enough to play it with a number of people including Blevin Blectum, Kristin Hayter, Caroline Park, Asha Tamirisa, Blevin Blectum, Martim Galvão, Akiko Hatakeyama, and Adam Morosky - all of whom have helped push development of the project as a result of trying to hang with them live.