three paths


short film + a/v performance

three paths is an audiovisual piece in which sounds and animations are generated in real-time from simulations of microphone feedback. Mic feedback is a useful paradigm for generating audiovisual works because it involves an inextricable relationship between the sonic qualities of the feedback and the positioning of the microphone - or, to put it another way, it links (visual) spatial information with audible results. By digitally simulating these microphones, their locations can be animated in any number of ways to provide a synchronized counterpart with the generated sounds, and the motion of these animations will correspond with the resulting sonic changes as microphones move closer and further from the virtual speakers.

Simulating feedback in this manner also leads to intuitive relationships between the quality of movement and the resulting sounds. Small undulations become vibrato, twists and turns lead to Doppler effects, and sudden movements generate percussive attacks. Audiovisual composition in three paths is in large part a task of sequencing these different movements (the "paths" of the title.) Other parameter changes like distortion, autotuning, and video feedback, are programmed alongside these movements to help establish the arc of a particular performance of the piece.